The concept behind the Infinity Dress is the perfect dress that complements every figure. Over the years it is unfortunate to find many cheap imitation Infinity Dresses which do not follow the concept of making every women look beaufiful but have changed the pattern to make large profits and sell to you at cheaper prices to make you belive you are getting a good deal. Please see ips below on how to spot an imitation Infinity Dress:


An Imitation company will have the following:


  • Sold at extremely cheap prices
  • Won’t accept returns
  • Use inferior fabric such as Trilobal, Viscose Lycra, Low quality Bon Bon , Low quality venetian
  • Bell cut skirt with one seam down the back and elastic around the waist using 2 meters of fabric to make this dress.
  • Little flare around the hips showing all the unwanted humps and pantie lines.
  • It has an open back design that is not bra friendly


The Original Infinity Dress will have the following:


  • We accept Free returns and alterations as we are confident in our Stunning Dresses
  • We use the highest quality fabric imported and designed for our Infinity Dresses.
  • Our dresses have plenty of flare around the hip area complementing every figure and hiding all the unwanted humps and pantie lines and giving you an instant slimming look! We use up to 7 meters of fabric per dress to create this effect.
  • We have an elegant bandeau attached to all our dresses making it bra friendly.
  • We love what we do and we love who do it for. We are here to make every woman of any size or shape look and feel beautiful!


Please do not be fooled by the imitation companies and if we are out of your budget please contact us and we will arrange to assit you with payment terms or sponsor a portion of your dresses.


We look forward to styling you!